Saturday, December 24, 2005

We Outta There - Victory In Iraq Is About To Be Declared

Four stump speeches in four weeks, the weekly radio address on screen, an address to the nation from the Oval Office, and a press conference. All with one message. We're winning in Iraq. It can only mean one thing.

We outta there.

For the greater good of the Repulican party's dreams of long-term political hegemony, the administration is doing what it has to do to win, and that's declare victory in Iraq, or more accurately bail and bail fast.

For all the talk of the war on terror going on for centuries, and persevering in the face of adversity, and honoring the fallen by completing the mission, the United States is about to make itself scarce from Iraq, and leave the train wreck to the Iraqis who say they want us out of there anyway.

The Bushies have made the simple and correct calculation that all will be forgiven if we dump the Iraq adventure. Let's move forward. The 300 billion that was wasted, and the 2000+ US troops who died for naught are yesterday's news. We won.

But wait, people will say, what about the bloody civil war that will break out in Iraq after we're gone? No problem, replies the White House, that's just part of a young nation finding it's democratic feet. After all, we had a bloody civil war, so why shouldn't they have a bloody civil war? It's only right.

And what about the fact that we're leaving Iraq as a failed terrorist state in the hands of Islamists widening the regional power of Tehran and it's fruitcake president? The answer is simple. Who the hell cares about a basket case country 6000 miles away? We've got a budget deficit to fix at home. There are social programs to slash and burn. There's the corporate trough to feed and the wars on abortion and Christmas to win.

Some people might say, c'mon the Iraqi 'security' forces are riddled with Badr Brigade militiamen looking for revenge. And the answer is simple. We trained 'em. Now they have to stand on their own two feet. Who cares if the Iraqi army has as much chance against the insurgents as the South Vietnamese Army had against the VC? It ain't our problem.

Karl Rove knows that politics is the art of the possible. And it's probable that people will buy the GOP victory story. The reason is simple. If you start saying you've won often enough, the American people will start to believe it.

Four repetitive but very upbeat speeches, a press conference and an Oval Office address, and Bush is back at the 50% approval mark. It worked. Ergo, the people bought the bull. And they'll do it again. So maybe November 2006 will be just as rosy as November 2002, and November 2004 for the GOP.

Which leaves the Democrats in a hole, yet again. The War on Terror is about to become a done deal, so all the outrage over spying on our phone calls, and torture at Guantanamo will be just tired footnotes to a war that we've already won.

As Lee Atwater always said - attack the enemy's strengths. Democratic strength comes from dissilluionment with the Iraq adventure. Get out of that - and they're left with nothing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got that right.

Bush has made a mockery of the Constitution, the FBI , the CIA, the American people. Even destroyed our democracy.

11:15 PM  
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