Wednesday, March 30, 2005

War Not Peace


The Right make more noise than we do. They're better organized than we are. They're more monolithic than we are.
They're not at all nuanced like we are. They put their case simply. They really hate us. They truly believe in their product.

In short they're better communicators than we are.

And in America that is what matters.

It wasn't always thus. Harry Truman was a plain speaking guy. FDR delivered fireside chats. Even Bill Clinton is held up as the ultimate everyman. He won. Twice.

I've already talked about our marketing strategy in previous articles - frame the debate through the family.

But there's something else we need to do too.

It's time to get a little hate.

The Right do an awful lot of screaming. In fact, they spend their lives castigating us.

It's time to scream back.

It's time to finally understand the myth of bi-partisanship.

Republicans speak with forked tongue. They claim inclusivity and 'working with Democrats', and at the same time want to press the nuclear button to end the filibuster.

They talk big about finding a consensus, while stomping on anyone that comes close to battling them.

They use the anachronistic, and uninteresting courtesies of Congress to shroud their visceral attack-dog approach.

But being nice people, we Democrats hope that they'll come around to our way of thinking. After all we're being sensible. They've got to listen to that. Right?

Not right. Just ask Senator Lieberman, who lost a career of credibility in five seconds when he was caught hugging The President in public.

The truth is that sense is the last thing they want. These people are taking the basest, most selfish instincts of this country and sanctifying them in law, and culture and life. They're not good people. They're bad for this country. Bad for the world.

So instead of reaching out to them, instead of trying to reach compromises which is exactly what they want, because they can look good telling us where to go, we should do what they do, and start hating them like they hate us.

They are the enemy. And they should be treated as such. They are the neighbor who plays loud music, the drunk at the dinner party, the balding middle aged fart nearly killing you in his Ferrari just to get to the stoplight a second faster than you.

Yes, they'll cry out that we're terrible people for being rude and nasty to them, when we start to really dislike them. They'll cry that we're forsaking consensus and bi-partisanship. Which is when we tell them they're the guys who killed it.

They don't want a head to head war. Because they know that if one starts, no matter how noisy or ugly it gets, we will win. The uglier it gets the more the public will get involved like a good wrestling match - and that's always good for us. .

Because we're the good guys. But their policies are terrible, inviting the worst kind of selfishness, and the American people know in their hearts that they're better than that.

People are only voting for these clowns because they show strength, solidity, and confidence. If a wrestler came into the ring with the chops to win and the image of the good guy, the masked Republican villain would end up in the front row.

And the world would be a better place for it.


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